Issey Miyake’s Stunt Double Scent (W)


Guys likey Issey Miyake’s Stunt Double Perfume. What the real thing can’t handle, the stunt double can.™

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Product Description

Perfumes start at $9.99 (1/3 oz.), while body washes and lotions are $14.99 each (8 oz.).

Unify your fragrance and save 25% with the ACTION PACK for $29.99! That’s a 1/3 oz. oil roll-on, an 8 oz. pump bottle of body wash, and an 8 oz. pump bottle of hand and body lotion all in the same glorious scent to maximize your stealth!

1/3 oz. glass roll on bottles are discreet like a stunt double and allow perfect application in the middle of the action.
1 oz. glass roll on bottles are perfect for throwing in a purse, handbag, or your boot’s knife pocket for when you need them most.
8 oz. bottles come in sleek refillable aluminum bottles (pink for Ladies’ scents, and well…aluminum for Gents) with black pumps. These bottles scream distinction and fortitude. Think refined Mattie Ross from True Grit.

Additional information

Weight 0.325 oz
Dimensions 50 x 70 in
Stunt Double Scented Product

1/3 oz. oil roll-on, 1 oz. oil roll-on, Lotion, 8 oz bottle with pump, premium hand and body, Body Wash, 8 oz bottle with pump, Action Pack, 1/3 oz rollon 8 oz lotion 8 oz body wash