Stunt doubles do what Brad and Angelina can’t, and do it for less.
Brad Pitt doing backflips? Nope. Angelina Jolie jumping from motorcycles? No ma’am. When the real thing can’t handle it, the stunt double can.™

High Performance Fragrance for Less

That’s the Stunt Double Scents™ difference: high performance fragrance for less. Stunt Double Scents offers inexpensive colognes and inexpensive perfumes in stunt doubles of designer fragrances. Unify your fragrance with cologne scented lotions or perfume scented lotions and cologne scented body washes/shower gels or perfume scented body washes/shower gels. Our products aren’t just cheap colognes or cheap perfumes, they give long-lasting true-to-life fragrances for inexpensive prices: stunt double prices.

The truth is, stunt doubles create the action scenes we all pay to see, and they do it for less, and you can expect the same performance from Stunt Double Scents. Our fragrances give you confidence in yourself so when you walk through the door you are ready for action!

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