You’ve asked and we’ve responded! Now you can make special requests for fragrances not currently offered at Stunt Double Scents!

How does a special request work?

  1. Go to the special request product page found here.
  2. Place the product types and their quantities into the cart.
  3. Finish adding other Stunt Double Scents products to your cart.
  4. Go to checkout.
  5. Find the Order notes. It should be below the address info and above the order summary:
  6. Enter the requested scents for each of the product types that you added to your cart. Be sure to specify the gender as some scents are named the same for both men and women, even though they are different fragrances. Some are unisex in which case it would be helpful to write that as well.
  7. When you’ve described all your requests. Place your order and we’ll get on it!